Frequently asked questions (Hub 420 FAQ):

How to understand if site selling THC products is a scam?

Normally scam sites have an abnormally big range of different strains – this fact should straight away trigger your security on where would they get so much product and so many strains unless it is a market place. Secondly if site offers look to good to be true – it most likely is

Why do you sell in clear net?

HUB420 team strongly believes that UK is coming very close to cannabis legalization and we would like to be in that business a little bit ahead before it happens. Although, our deep-web website will be operating shortly.

Do I need to give my true details and are you keeping them?

We do not need to know your true names except for delivery address. Our organization do not share any of customer details and you do not necessarily need to register with us. We hold our servers in a secure location and in case of intrusion – we will destroy the data physically

Is transaction with cryptocurrency is safe?

Although transaction remains within blockchain history it does not contain any of personal data and even if it is back traced to you. Also, we frequently change our wallet addresses so there will be no proof that you bough something from us. Thus, please only transfer to the wallet addresses which are listed on checkout page.

What will happen if my order does not arrive?

Our store has 99% success rate on delivery as we take packaging process extremely seriously. However, we believe that there are cases when there was an error from either our side or the package was intercepted. If you do not receive your order within 14 days – please contact us via one of the listed methods on contact us page. We will try to resolve it within shortest time

Where and how to buy cryptocurrency / crypto vouchers?

There are plenty of exchanges which allows you to buy any kind of cryptocurrency. Bitit.io is an example of an exchange where to buy one cryptocurrency. Crypto vouchers can generally be bough from source which we trust : cryptovoucher.io

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