How to order with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is safe and secure method of payment when you can also stay anonymous. Some people think that it is something hard to buy or set up but in fact there are loads of resources with step by step guidance on how to obtain it and once it is done – you do not need to do it again. For our example we will use Coinomi wallet.

The main principle here is:

  • Download Coinomi application from to your phone (Andoid/iOS) or PC
  • Open the application and create bitcoin wallet (takes literally 2 clicks to do it)
  • The next step is to top up your wallet by purchasing crypto currency
  • To purchase Bitcoin straight to your wallet with debit/credit card – use application built in service called Crypto (Simplex). Copy over your wallet address to get funds delivered straight to your wallet into the checkout
  • After payment completion – you should expect funds on your wallet within short period of time
  • After that – you just need to have address of our wallet to transfer funds or use QR code. Scanning QR code automatically fills in required info (you do not even need to type in anything ) and our QR is automatically generated – so there is nor room for error.

Alternative resources which explains on how to buy bitcoin is here – Bitcoin made easy.

Another great resources where to purchase bitcoin easily listed below:

At the checkout:

To pay with BitCoin at the checkout:

  • Select Cryptocurrency payment and coin from the drop down which you would like to pay with
  • That will generate QR code which you could scan with your camera while being in your Bitcoin. That will fill in your payment details automatically
  • Alternatively – manually go to “send” in your bitcoin wallet. Fill in the wallet number and amount to pay manually or copy it over
  • After you complete transaction – you will be able to see it in your wallet. Then click into transaction and you should see “transaction id” code
  • Copy over the code and paste it into transaction id window at the checkout – that makes much easier for us to spot your transfer
  • Tick the box confirming you have paid and complete the order.
  • Wait for your order arrival to enjoy the product 🙂

If you require help with buying Bitcoin or you have crypto currency which is not listed on our web-site please feel free to contact us via either WickrMe or Telegram contacts which can be found here

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